How Diabetic Patients Benefit By Visiting A Dental Clinic In Bangkok

Although everyone is prone to developing oral disorders due to lack of consistent oral care and maintenance, people with poorly controlled diabetes are more susceptible. If you are a victim of diabetes, you should visit your dentist frequently to prevent the development of severe oral disorders in your mouth. People who are diabetic should regularly visit a competent dentist in a dental clinic in Bangkok to reduce chances of developing oral disorders such as:

Tooth cavities or tooth decay

 The plaque that develops in your gum lines contains acids that attack the hard enamel surface of your teeth. The acids influence the development of holes or cavities in the enamel. If your blood glucose level is high, the supply of starches and sugars in your drinks and food will be greater, thus, increasing the acid level also.


The glucose in your saliva nourishes the many types of bacteria that are naturally present in your mouth. If you don’t control your diabetes condition, the glucose level in your saliva will be high and this will make your mouth a good habitat for the growth of most pathogenic bacteria. The saliva combines with the pathogenic bacteria to form a sticky film called plaque on your teeth. If you do not visit a dentist in a dental clinic in Bangkok to remove this plaque, it will harden and eventually change into tartar that will collect under your gum lines.

Early gum disease

Dentists refer to the early gum disease as gingivitis. The plaque that accumulates in the gum lines at the base of your teeth will make your gum redden and swell. This will eventually cause bleeding when you are brushing or flossing your gum. If you do not treat gingivitis early during the gum inflammation stage, it will extend to tooth decay. Diabetic people will fight this problem hard especially if they do not regulate their blood sugar levels.

Dry mouth

Diabetic people have low saliva levels in their mouths that lead to dry mouths, which is a risk factor to tooth decay and gingivitis. The dryness will come along with oral sores, cracked lips, rough tongue and difficulties in talking, swallowing and chewing. Your dentist will recommend the right drugs or injections to take to treat the dry mouth condition.

Oral thrush

People living with diabetes are likely to develop a fungal infection known as oral thrush. This condition is caused by Candida albicans, which lives as a normal flora in the mouth. When diabetic people develop other conditions such as dry mouth, poor resistance to infection and high glucose levels in saliva, the Candida species becomes pathogenic and eventually cause fungal infection. Symptoms of oral thrush include red or white patches on the soft mouth tissues.

While there are drugs a diabetic person can take to minimize the occurrence of the above oral disorders, nothing can substitute it better than maintaining proper oral hygiene. Seek advice from your dentist on the best flossing and products especially if you want to buy them over-the-counter. Pregnant women who can’t use certain toothpaste for health reasons should consult a dental professional in a dental clinic in Bangkok to prescribe alternative and effective mouth cleaning products to keep the above oral problems at bay.