World hunger is not a myth: See statistics

Children are not supposed to suffer in starvation. They are supposed to learn, explore, play around, and be happy; not listen to the sound of their own grumbling stomach. Food for Life, a non-profit organization, targets to feed the children with healthy vegan meals. The charity has fed more than 6 million meals and you, as part of this world, should help them make a difference.

World hunger

Hunger has long affected millions of people worldwide. World hunger is defined as experiences of hunger on a global scale. There are good people who are helping to combat hunger, like those working in some children nonprofit organizations and food charities around the world.

About hungry children around the world

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 155 million starving children below five years old who are malnourished in 2017. In their 2018 report, they state that 820 million people in the world do not have enough food to eat and are hungry, and these people include children, teenagers, adults, and the aged.

World hunger has taken its toll on children, killing half of 7 million children in 2010 because of lack of nutrition. According to a UNICEF 2008 report, starvation has also killed 1 in 15 children before they reach five years of age.

About hungry people around the world

Many people around the world are suffering because of hunger, but it’s not getting much media attention.

Here are three of the most hunger-affected continents or regions in order:

  1. Asia – According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN), an estimated number of 526 million people who are hungry are living in Asia. It has been recorded that of all places in the continent, particularly in Southeast Asia, hunger is a prevalent case. In Southeast Asia alone, 9.8% of the population is categorized as undernourished. Children in Asia suffer mostly from malnutrition.
  1. Africa – The number of people in Africa who are suffering from hunger has been recorded to reach an estimate of 226.7 million. In Eastern Africa, where the Sub-Saharan countries are located, 30.8 of the population is found to be malnourished. According to a WHO 2016 report, Africa has the highest number of children dying before the age of 5 due to being undernourished or suffering from malnutrition.
  1. America – Hunger has affected 39 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean region. These individuals include more than 11 million children, who are experiencing food insecurity, malnutrition, and undernourishment. 15 million households experience food insecurity in America in 2017.

With people in these big three continents suffering because of hunger and more children are at risk, children’s charities, such as Food For Life, are doing their best to feed the hungry children around the world.

What you should know about Food For Life

To feed the children and all, Food for Life prepares healthy vegan meals. They are helping the undernourished children become nourished and, at the same time, give importance in eating vegan food.

If you want to help to feed the children, you can visit this link for more